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  1. In the distant shots of Morgan outside the White Sands Hotel in the first scene of the Sequel, Frank Converse (Morgan) has a mustache! *
  2. In this same scene, the spacing of the wicker chairs change between shots. In the second shot, we see that Mrs. Evans is sitting farther away from the others. [contributed by Shannon, London ON Canada]
  3. When Anne is writing Averil's Atonement on the beach and all the pages of the book start to blow away, if you look closly, every page is the same. [contributed by Cathryn, Australia]
  4. When school is over, Minnie May walks towards the outhouse on her way home, but runs into trouble with Anthony Pye and Thomas Bell. However, later when Anne has set her free and tells her to hurry home, Minnie May goes towards the schoolbuilding. Which way is the right way home? [contributed by Sofia, Sweden]
  5. When Anthony Pye and Thomas Bell pick up Minnie May to put her in the outhouse, she drops her lunchpail on the ground. When Anne arrives on her bike, not only is the lunchpail placed nicely on the ground, but it is also far behind the outhouse! [contributed by Heidi, USA]
  6. Not exactly a blooper, but interesting: Before Anne erases the chalkboard, we can see that is says, "With fond remembrance to the brightest and most imaginative class in Prince Edward Island. Your teacher, Miss Shirley." It's obvious that Miss Stacey's words (first movie) had a huge impact on her. [contributed by Tanya, USA]
  7. In the scene when we first see Gil in town, there appear to be power/phone lines in the background. [contributed by Chuck, TN, USA]
  8. When Anne and Gilbert are seated discussing Anne's rejection letter, Gilbert's suspender is showing. [contributed by Chelsea, USA]
  9. When Anne and Gilbert begin walking after discussing the rejection letter, Gilbert is on the left side (our right) of his bike. A second later, he is standing on the right (our left) of his bike. Moreover, the house they just left (notice the fence) is nowhere to be found! [contributed by Anna, GA, USA]
  10. When Anne and Gilbert race, Gilbert drives his bike into the lake, yet a few seconds later, when he encounters Diana and Fred, he's completely dry! *
  11. Before this encounter, Gil had just told Anne about Diana and Fred's engagement. However, when Anne and Gil arrive, Diana acts as if Anne should know about the engagement. [contributed by Christine, USA]
  12. When Anne runs into Diana and Fred, Anne's attache case is lying down on the back of her bike. It is still lying down when she and Diana begin to walk home. However, when they round the corner of Green Gables, the bag is suddenly leaning up against the bicycle seat... waiting for Anne to grab her rejection letter! [contributed by Stina, Dane living in Canada]
  13. As Diana and Anne walk past the house, right before running into Rachel with the jersey cow, you can see crew trailers reflected in the windows of the house.
  14. When Rachel complains to Marilla about her "canal horse" (after having argued with Anne about it), Rachel is holding her cane in her right hand. She begins to walk away with it still in her right hand. However, when Marilla moves on and we see Rachel storming away, her cane is in her left hand. [anonymous contribution]
  15. Not a blooper, but cute: When Anne goes to pick up her mail the first time, there is a goat tied to the fence adjacent to the post office. A few weeks later when she picks up mail and everyone is congratulating her, the same goat is tied up on a fence a little bit further down. [contributed by Mary D, USA]
  16. Averil's Atonement must be an awfully short short story to fit on just one page! [contributed by John, Jacquey, England]
    *** QUESTION ***
    Eva from the UK asks if anyone knows what on earth is hanging from the ceiling in the General Store. (Click on the picture for larger image.) It's not a microphone, so it must be some sort of prop. But why would a store hang a single solitary object from the ceiling, and so low that it's probably hitting patrons in the head?
    *** ANSWER ***
    Matt from NYC says it's a fly-catching strip. And actually, there are at least 2 of them hanging in the store. Thanks to Eva for the question and to Matt for the answer! :)
  17. When Anne enters the store, there are two buggies outside. Everyone is flocking to the store to hear/read the story, buy some baking powder, and hopefully see Anne. Yet, when Anne leaves the jam-packed store, only Diana's buggy (which wasn't there when she arrived) is there. Where'd the others go? [contributed by Eva, UK]
  18. Just prior to the Dolly/mud scene, the entire time Anne and Diana are talking in the buggy, the field in the background behind Diana is a corn field. Yet when Anne starts to chase Dolly, the field is something else (soy beans, maybe). You get a couple of good views back up the field to see if maybe the corn field just ended, but there is no corn. [contributed by Chuck, TN, USA]
  19. Anne and Diana fall into dead black mud after chasing Dolly. If it was really PEI, it would have been a red mudhole.... just like the roads are red. [contributed by Annalee, PEI]
  20. Not exactly a blooper, but after Anne and Diana fall in the mud, you can see water droplets falling into the muddy water. Was it raining? [contributed by Christine, Idaho, USA]
  21. When Gil comes across Anne and Diana in the mud, he says "Rolling Reliables" instead of "Rollings Reliable."
  22. Not exactly a blooper, but funny: After Anne and Diana fall in the mud chasing after Dolly, Gilbert lends them a hand. Notice that he taps her on the bum afterwards. Notice Megan's facial expression.
  23. Some people insist it is a blooper that Anne's muddy hair is all clean in the following scene with Gilbert. How could she have washed, dried, and styled her hair so quickly without modern conveniences? However, I propose that it is possible that since only a few front strands of hair were muddy, she was able to just wet and clean those up. They could have easily dried in a few hours.
  24. When Anne and Gil are strolling down the lane discussing the Averil's Atonement catastrophe, Anne's hair is very pouffy with long whisps from the nape of her neck hanging over her shoulder. After Gil "whips" her and she sits down, her hair is curlier and the whisps are pulled back. [contributed by Amy, USA] *
  25. No matter how far Anne and Gil walk during this scene, the horse Gilbert tied up at the beginning of their stroll is always just behind them.
  26. In this same scene, when they start talking, Gil's cap is pulled down low. Once he and Anne sit down on the log, Gil's hat has been lifted a little to reveal his "signature dark brown curls." [contributed by Elise, USA] *
  27. Also in this scene, you'll notice in the close-up shots, after Anne sits down, that the background scenery has changed from a field to just leaves. *
  28. Not exactly a blooper, but interesting to note: the furniture in Anne's room seems to have rearranged itself since we last saw it in Anne 1. The bed has moved to the opposite wall, as well as Anne's pictures. The dressing table has moved across the room. Also, the hooks that Anne used to hang her clothes on in Anne 1 disappear. [contributed by Megan, USA]
  29. When Anne goes out to get some eggs, she opens the gate on the picket fence. She pulls it shut, but the wind blows it open. And no one ever bothers to close it. Not Anne, and not even Marilla when she comes out. [contributed by Eva, UK]
  30. When Anne sees Dolly round the corner of the chicken coop, the rope attached to Dolly is attached to the building. However, after Anne brings Marilla over, the other end of the rope is attached to the fence. [contributed by Tom, MA, USA]
  31. When Anne and Marilla are walking to Mrs. Lynde's house to apologize for selling her Jersey Cow, you can see their breath when they breathe---and it's supposed to be summer! [contributed by: Karen and Hannah, USA]
  32. When Anne is preparing to go to Diana and Fred's engagement party, there is a red giftbox on the table. Rachel gives it to Anne as Anne leaves for the party. But in the last frame of that scene, the box is back on the table!
  33. When Anne is preparing to go to Diana and Fred's engagement party, Rachel gives her a gift and says it's "paid for out of the proceeds of the Jersey cow." Later at the party, when Gilbert finds Anne waltzing by herself, he gives her an envelope and says "Your $20." How could Mrs. Lynde have used the money to buy the gift if Gilbert hadn't yet given it to Anne? [contributed by Meredith]
    ANSWER: Anne may have already paid Rachel with the money she made on Averil's Atonement. [contributed by Melanie, USA]
  34. At Diana and Fred's engagement party, Anne wears a brooch. Notice the positioning of this brooch. It's half-way up her collar. However, during the scene on the bridge when Gil proposes, the brooch is below the collar. [contributed by Rachel, USA]
  35. When Jane Andrews introduces Anne to her fiance Harry Inglis, and Ruby Gillis irritates her with a comment, Jane turns to Harry and says "Let's go, Harry." However, if you look closely at her lips, she is clearly mouthing out, "Come along, Harry." [contributed by Tamara, Gatineau, Quebec, Canada]
  36. At Diana and Fred's engagement party, Anne goes off to dance by herself. Gilbert joins her and they dance. At this point in time it is bright daylight outside. Yet in the following scene, which seemingly follows immediately after, it is very dark and foggy. [contributed by Esther, USA]
  37. When Marilla tells Anne that Gilbert loves her she says, "He loves me? I can't imagine why." But when Gilbert had started to propose, she said, "I kept away so you wouldn't." Why would Anne be telling Marilla she can't imagine why if she already knew? [contributed by Andrea]
  38. When Anne does a parody of "Oh, Promise Me" in Diana's bedroom, Diana has a glass of lemonade in her hand. Yet, two seconds later, Diana falls back on the bed and the glass is no longer in her hand! [contributed by Erin, USA]
  39. At Diana's wedding, the weather is seemingly beautiful. The sun is shining and no one is acting as though it is raining. Yet, there is water dripping off the canopy!! (Most noticable when the Minister's wife is singing.) [contributed by Hwan, USA] *
  40. Also, during the wedding scene, when Anne walks down the aisle, we see the minister's wife singing in the background. Watch her lips and you will notice that the dubbing of her voice is totally off! [contributed by April, Big Piney WY USA]
  41. After the wedding, Anne goes to get her carriage and Gil confronts her. However, in the next scene, she is outside and then she is seen walking home. [contributed by Sioban, BC, Canada]
  42. The dubbing of the minister's wife singing in the seconds immediately after Anne passes Gil walking down the aisle is completely off.
  43. At the end of Anne of Green Gables, Gilbert tells Anne that he will get Carmody and she can have Avonlea School. Early in the sequel, he mentions "cycling all the way over from Carmody..." Later, when he's proposing, he tells her he "won't be coming back to White Sands in the fall" because he is going to Medical School! [contributed by Beth, USA]
  44. In the first movie Diana says to Anne, "four long years" meaning that Anne would be away at college for four years. In the second movie both Gilbert and Marilla state that Anne received her BA, but it has only been studying by correspondence for two years. [contributed by Sarah, USA]
    *** NON-BLOOPER ***
    Many people send me info about this "blooper" which I don't believe exists. When Anne is "embellishing" the chalkboard with the quote on it, we see her draw one swirl. Then the camera switches positions to film from the side and she has just finished a second swirl. (We don't actually see her draw this swirl--and this is probably the source of the confusion.) Next she moves her hand to draw another set of swirls on the top of the board. When Miss Brooke comes in and we see the board from the front, the swirls look enormous. However, this is not a blooper. If you look closely, you will see that it is the same size it was when it was viewed from the side. It is just that the angle of the board from that view makes the swirl look shorter.
  45. However, in that scene with the blackboard... After Miss Brooke rings the bell, the camera switches angles to show the students entering the room and the quotation on the board seems to almost vanish into oblivion. [contributed by Dennis and Amy, USA]
  46. Look at the color of Anne's tie when she's in the foyer. Then, look closesly again when we see her in the classroom with her students. The walk down the hallway seems to have turned her tie a darker shade of brown! [contributed by Brittany, BC, Canada]
  47. Anne's first day of school, she goes to the blackboard to write her name and the chalk breaks. There is nothing on the board. But after she closes the door, there is a streak of chalk which she supposedly wrote before the chalk broke.
  48. Note: The clock on the wall does not work--it never moves! [contributed by Angela D, USA]
  49. With friends like these, who needs enemies? Take a look at Essie after Jen has insulted Emmeline by calling her "Telescope eyes." She is laughing right along with the rest of the class. So much for friendship! [contributed by Eva, UK]
  50. In this same scene, Anne opens the drawer and a snake comes out. Anne jumps on a chair. However, after Essie falls, Anne is standing on the floor, leaning against the chalkboard. [contributed by Claire, BC, Canada]
  51. A few minutes later, Jen Pringle lets out a snake and Essie faints. Emmeline takes her to the bathroom. But, after Anne hits Jen with the stick and Jen returns to her seat, Emmeline and Essie are both sitting at their desks!! Then when the bell rings they somehow manage to re-enter!
  52. Then, after the bell rings, Essie returns to class. Anne asks "Are you alright, Essie?" How did she know her name?? [contributed by Heidi, Denmark]
  53. When Emmeline and Jen Pringle fight, Emmeline puts mud in Jen's mouth. However, once Miss Brooke arrives, Jen's mouth is clean. [contributed by Judith, Rebekah & Rachel, GA, USA]
  54. Right after Emmeline falls into the shed, Miss Brooke shows up. How did Miss Brooke get out to the shed so fast?
  55. The day after Anne and Emmeline are caught trying to steal back Essie's brother's bicycle, Anne enters the classroom. A view of the class shows Jen Pringle sitting in the back. A while later, however, while Emmeline is reading, she walks into class late. [contributed by Gil, UK]
  56. In the scene where Anne first meets Emmeline's father (after the firecracker incident), you can see snow through the window behind her, although it is supposedly summer/fall outside. *
  57. In the scene where Anne is reading the sad story to her students and they are (almost) all crying, look at Jimsie Pringle (she's the one who said her name was Myrtle N. Girdle). At first she looks nonplussed. Then she notices the camera(man?) and starts stiffling a laugh. [contributed by Eva, UK]
  58. In the scene after Emmeline runs out of the theatre where Anne and the students are rehearsing, there are several shots where the ceiling of the lobby is shown. You can see pipes running along the ceiling and it sure looks like a sprinkler system to me. I don't think that fire prevention was that advanced at the turn of the century. [contributed by Evan, USA]
  59. When Anne sits down to write a letter to Mrs. Harris (about the journals), she dips her pen. However, she never redips her pen, which certainly would have been required. [contributed by Lauren and Julie, Ontario, Canada]
  60. When Emmeline tucks the returned letter to her father in her book, the book is more or less in the desk. However, when Anne comes to get some of Emmeline's books, that book is out more in the writing area. And then, when Anne gets downstairs, she doesn't even have the books in her hand! [contributed by Evan, USA]
  61. When Anne enters Pauline's room to lend her a dress for her "day off," Anne bumps the small table next to the door with her bag. She almost knocks the table over. [contributed by Amy, USA]
  62. At the picnic, Anne starts to walk away from Mrs. Harris, clearly walking behind her. Mrs. Harris, however, proceeds to speak to Anne as if she was right in front of her. Moreover, Anne answers Mrs. Harris as if she were making eye contact, which would not be possible at that angle. [contributed by Lise, Denmark]
  63. Not exactly a blooper, but interesting to note: When the sheep are running wild around Maplehurst, in one shot, a dog runs across the field. Perhaps this is meant to be the sheepdog? [contributed by Mags, Canada] *
  64. When Morgan drives up at the picnic and exits the car, you can see the sheep truck in behind him. The slant up into the truck is clear of hay, yet when we see it again after Morgan talks to Emmeline, there is tons of hay on it.
  65. After Morgan shows up at the picnic, a shower must have come because in the scene when Morgan talks to Anne, you can see dry ground under his auto and wet ground around it. [contributed by Chuck B.]
  66. When Anne gives Emmeline her new spectacles, Emmeline says, "However did you pay for this?" Watch Anne's lips and it looks like she's saying the words with her! [contributed by Elise, TX USA]
  67. The back of the newspaper Anne reads the review from is exactly the same as the back of the newspaper Matthew reads in the first movie!! [contributed by Melinda, USA]
  68. The card enclosed in the roses that Morgan sends Anne after the play looks suspicously like the card she reads on the bridge just before she meets Gilbert at the gazebo! [contributed by Debra G.]
  69. When Anne and Emmeline go sit with Morgan in the dining car on the train to Boston, the people behind Anne (men looking at their menus) are mannequins! They never change positions! [contributed by Debra G.]
  70. When Anne leaves for the hospital benefit, she is only wearing a short shawl over her dress. However, when she leaves the benefit and Morgan proposes to her in the snow, she is wearing a heavy, long coat. [contributed by Allie, USA] She is also now wearing a scarf. [contributed by Megan, USA]
  71. At the hospital benifit Mrs. Pringle is walking through the room checking things out and the braclet she is wearing falls off! [contributed by Nicole, USA]
  72. After Anne picks up the letter from the book company at the post office in Kingsport, she exits to her right. But when Morgan pulls up beside her, she is walking as if she exited to her left. [contributed by Hugh and Janet, USA]
  73. During the scene when Morgan proposes to Anne, it is snowing. However, while there is snow falling during views of Anne, there seems to be no snow falling around Morgan. [contributed by Carolyne, USA] *
  74. When Anne and Katherine arrive at Green Gables, Marilla meets them on the road. As they walk to the house, you can see a green extention cord dragging in the grass.
  75. In the scene with Katherine and Anne when Katherine is talking to Anne at the gate, you can see the reflection of the light softener sheet they are holding up in Katherine's glasses. Then a few shots later they realized it and it's not there anymore. [contributed by Angie, Idaho, USA]
  76. And when they're done talking, they walk through the gate without ever closing it! I hope the cows don't go through. [contributed by Eva, UK]
  77. When Katherine and Anne go to see Diana's new baby Fred, it sounds like the baby is crying but if you look closely at the baby, he isn't making any sounds...and is definitely not crying. [contributed by Johanna, Utah, USA]
  78. When Marilla reads the inscription of Anne's book aloud, she reads it incorrectly. She says "And for Gilbert," but the close-up on the inscription actually reads "to Gilbert." [contributed by Jenn, Canadian in Japan]
  79. Anne claims that the book is "just a humorous book of stories I did about Avonlea in my spare time last fall." However, Anne did not start composing the stories until after seeing Gil, which was clearly in the spring. [contributed by Valerie, USA]
    PS: Anne tells Marilla that she was sent a check last Feburary for her book. If she wrote it in the spring, how could the company send her a check before she even wrote it? The script gets a bit confused. [contributed by Amanda, Alberta, Canada]
  80. When Anne leaves her room to go visit Gil (sick), notice as she starts down the stairs that you can hear her footsteps fairly loudly. The sound of footsteps ends abruptly after she goes behind the wall and out of sight of the camera. I believe we would have heard her continue down the rest of the stairs. [contributed by Chuck B.]
  81. In the first movie, Matthew talks about "little Jerry Buote down the creek," yet in this second movie, Jerry Buote is a middle-aged man! [contributed by Christine, Australia]
  82. When Anne visits the ill Gilbert, Anne puts her left hand on the bedside to lower herself to a kneel beside the bed. However, as the camera changes angles, Anne is holding her book with her left hand. How'd she do that? [contributed by Hide, Taiwan]
  83. Not exactly a blooper, but funny: When Katherine and Anne are picking apples, Katherine bites into an apple and a splotch of juice lands on the apple (it almost looks like a bit of spittle). Haha! [contributed by Nancy, USA]
  84. After the apple scene, Gilbert walks over to ask Anne to go for a walk. When Anne hears the noise of his approach, she looks over her left shoulder. We see Gilbert walking. But then when the camera shows Anne again, she is now looking over her right shoulder. [contributed by Hite, Taiwan]
  85. In this scene, Gilbert's sleeves are all the way down, buttoned at the wrists, but then they start to walk across the bridge... (and gilbert is talking so we know that the time is continuous) ...but when they appear on the bridge less than 5 seconds later, his sleeves are rolled up to the elbow! There was no way he could have rolled them up that fast! [contributed by Lori, USA]
  86. Also, Gilbert's tie changes from the orchard to the bridge. [contributed by Okie, CA, USA]
  87. Similarly, when Anne leaves the apple orchard, she wearing her hat. By the time she reaches the bridge, it is hanging on her back. Then she takes it off, but we don't see her bend down to place it on the ground.. yet her hands are free to touch Gil when they kiss. [contributed by Sonia, USA]
  88. In the very last scene, Anne and Gil walk to the pond. They only walk a few steps onto the bridge. However, when they embrace and the shot widens, they are standing in the middle of the bridge. [contributed by Rachel, USA]
  89. Not a blooper, but interesting to note: Anne wears the same blouse in this proposal scene as she did in the first proposal scene (on bridge after Diane and Fred's engagement party). [contributed by Vanessa]
  90. The kiss: When Gil leans in, he tilts his head to his right. When they kiss, his head is tilted to the left. When the camera shows them pull away into a hug, his head is tilted to the right again! [contributed by Lauren, Canada]
  91. Power lines are visibile overhead during the final shot.
  92. Gil's wedding to Christine was "set for next summer," yet Anne has to wait "three years." What's up with that? [contributed by Megan, MI]
  93. It seems to be dusk when Gil asks Anne to go for the walk, then bright daylight when they get to the bridge, then late dusk when they kiss! Timing problems. *

* More information on these scenes can be gotten from the Did You Know? section of this site.


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