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  • The film makes a large departure from the subsequent books because Kevin Sullivan didn't think there was "enough dramatic material for a film."
  • Kevin Sullivan gave the hair stylists full range when developing styles for Anne's hair. Sullivan says they kept getting bigger and more eccentric as the filming went on. Two of Anne's hairstyles that he thought were particularly extravagant was the one when Anne and Gilbert walk along the lane discussing the "Rollings Reliable" fiasco and the one at the end of the movie when Anne receives the first copy of her book. Sullivan especially disliked this latter one.
  • The opening beach scene was shot in the rain on Prince Edward Island.
  • In the first long shots of Morgan Harris, Frank Converse has a moustache. But Sullivan thought that the moustache made him look too old, so he shaved it off.
  • Morgan Capman, who plays Minnie May, is Kevin Sullivan's neice.
  • Morgan Capman's (Minnie May) brother Fraser played Thomas Bell, one of the boys who tormented her in the movie. Fraser teased her a lot to get her to react, but he frightened her so much that she began crying... and once she started, she wouldn't stop.
  • In The Sequel, Jonathan Crombie had a stunt double for when Gilbert drove his bike into the lake and when he mounted the horse after Anne whipped him with her basket of flowers.
  • The sequence when Anne and Gilbert run into Diana and Fred, after Gilbert runs his bike into the water, was shot before the preceeding bicycle scene, which is why Gilbert is dry.
  • Colleen Dewhurst was ill because of food poisoning when she shot the scene where she and Anne discuss Diana's betrothal.
  • The scene were Anne and Diana chase the jersey cow was a very fun shot for those involved. The field used was a soya field.
  • Four dresses were made for the scene when Anne falls into the mud, but Megan Follows pulled of the stunt in one perfect take.
  • The lane that Anne and Gil walk down discussing the "Rollings Reliable" competition is the same that Anne and Marilla walk down in the first movie after Anne apologizes to Mrs. Lynde.
  • Closeups at the end of this lane scene ("You can cry and feel sorry for yourself all you want..."), were shot four months later at a greenhouse. Clothes and hair had to be matched (which may account for differences, as noted in the bloopers). Plus, if you look closely at the backgrounds, you will notice that they don't match the fields they pass on the road.
  • Colleen Dewhurst's own idiosyncrasies are visible when Marilla touches her face during her conversation with Mr. Blythe.
  • One of the first scenes shot in the studio was the one where Marilla consoles Anne after her walk down the lane with Gilbert.
  • For the kitchen scenes, the doors are all closed. Why? Because only the kitchen was rebuilt for the second film. There were no sets on the other side of the doors.
  • The scene where Anne goes to visit Rachel Lynde about the jersey cow was shot on a cold, rainy morning. Colleen Dewhurst had been out at a party the night before and so was cold and giddy. She and the others were apparently laughing throughout the scene.
  • It took many takes to get Diana's bed to collapse correctly when Anne and Diana fell on it.
  • Hagood Hardy, the composer of the Anne music, can be seen playing the organ during Diana'a wedding.
  • During the whole wedding shoot, it was raining. This made the scene in the woods (when Gilbert asks Anne to dance) especially difficult.
  • While shooting the goodbye scene before Anne goes off to Kingsport, Colleen Dewhurst had jeans on under her dress. Why? Because she had a plane to catch in one hour. As a result, the scene was rather rushed, and Sullivan had a difficult time keeping the fog/mist consistant.
  • Genevieve Appleton, who plays Emmeline, is only a year and a half younger than Megan Follows, although her character is quite a few years younger than Anne.
  • The girls in the movie had an especially fun time filming the scene where a snake falls out of Anne's desk.
  • The scene where Anne falls through the shed roof was one of the last scenes shot.
  • In the scene where Anne first meets Emmeline's father, notice the window behind her. There is snow outside.. yet the scene takes place during the summer/fall. That's because the exchange was shot months after the rest.
  • Sullivan's favorite scene between Anne and Mrs. Harris is when Anne first meets her and they discuss the scandalous journal entries.
  • One of his favorite scenes overall is when Anne and Pauline beg Mrs. Harris to let Pauline go to the party.
  • Mairin Wilkinson (editor) voiced the line, "It's time for your tutorial, Miss."
  • One of the first scenes shot with Dame Wendy Hiller was the picnic scene. She had just recently had an operation and while climbing into the buggy for the scene, her hip was displaced. Everyone was confused and nervous, wondering if she had had a heart attack or something. When Sullivan got over to her, she said, "Get me a whiskey, dear boy." Unfortunately, her humourous mood was short-lived and she wanted to return to England at once, without finishing the film. Sullivan had to work hard to get her to stay. But he succeeded.
  • Because they would not move on their own, the sheep in the picnic scene had to be pushed out of the carriage when Jen Pringle pulled the latch. If you watch closely, you'll see that the sheep tumble out.
  • The shots of the sheep running wild were shot in two different locations and had to be pieced together. Shepherding dogs were used to keep the sheep in check.
  • The dress that Anne gives to Pauline is the one she wore for Diana's wedding.
  • Rosemary Dunsmore auditioned for the role of Katherine Brooke with monologue Katherine says to Anne the night after the play ("I know I'm not social and people hate me...").
  • Both cars on the train to Boston are one and the same, just with different decorations.
  • Similarly, Anne's classroom doubles for Mrs. Harris' room just before she dies.
  • It was Dame Wendy Hiller's idea to add the scenes concerning Mrs. Harris' death. She wanted a dénoument for her character. She and Sullivan discussed it and thought Mrs. Harris should "expire." Her death allowed Anne the opportunity to "free Pauline."
  • Frank Converse (Morgan) was too tall for snow to be thrown on him, which is why it is not snowing on him during the proposal scene.
  • Kevin Sullivan's voice can be heard as that of the minister who performs Mrs. Harris' funeral.
  • Kevin Sullivan's nephew Hudson plays Diana's baby.
  • The final scene on the bridge, when Gilbert and Anne kiss, was shot over much time and in reverse order. The long shot over which the credits roll was the first shot taken and it was shot during sunrise (which may account for differences, as noted in the bloopers). The close-ups of Anne were shot over quite a few weeks, going into the winter with a frozen pond behind her. A scaffold was built so she could stand in an area near what resembled the summer/fall season, during which the scene was originally shot.
  • By the end of the film, Megan Follows was so sick of wearing Victorian corsets that she burned hers in a bonfire!


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